Why Daily Gratitude is essential for a positive day

Why Daily Gratitude is essential for a positive day

Starting your day with gratitude sets a positive tone and mindset.  It helps shift focus from what is possibly lacking from your life to what's abundant.  This fosters a sense of appreciation for the little things.  Practising morning gratitude can boost mood, enhance resilience, and improve overall well-being.  It's a simple yet powerful way to cultivate happiness and fufillment.

It's not always easy to feel gratitude when your struggling mentally as your mind will fixate on the negative aspects that you are dealing with.  Every morning take a deep breathe and think of everything that you have to be grateful for.

Here are some examples of simple things that we can be grateful for.


  • Clean Water
  • Food
  • Fresh Air
  • Clean Clothes
  • Health.

These may seem like a very basic list but sometimes these are things that we might naturally take for granted as they may be readily available to us.

Another good tip is to wake up in the morning and put pen to paper and list everything we have to be grateful for. 

Manifesting well-ness journal


I love using this Little Notes Wellness journal  it keeps me organised and motivated without being too over whelming. 

Don't get me wrong there are definitely days that i don't fill it in or even have the inclination to.  However the fact its undated is a winner for me as i don't feel guilty for missing pages.

On the day's I fill in my journal these are days where my routine is good, green juice stretches and the day's that I don't are day's where I would reach for a Bounty so you can see where i am going with this.

I guess its all about balance however gratitude daily really is key for a positive day.


What steps do you take for a positive day?


Laura x


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